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Justisse Healthworks for Women

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Justisse Healthworks trains practitioners (HRHP) to provide  holistic reproductive health consultation and care for women at all stages of their reproductive life. We invite you to get to know us to see how our services can give you the support whether you wish to avoid pregnancy, to become pregnant, to monitor and improve your menstrual cycle health, or to receive guidance during your perimenopause. 

Justisse advocates naturopathic and preventative medicine approaches to health and is committed to body literacy.  We know that women can effectively practice contraception and fertility enhancement through fertility awareness – thus avoiding the side effects of hormonal contraceptive drugs, devices and surgery. We are committed to helping women gain knowledge of their reproductive system through menstrual cycle charting. 

Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioners (HRHPs) are well trained in areas including reproductive anatomy, fertility awareness, sexuality, birth control, means for maintaining and achieving menstrual cycle health and sexual and reproductive health counselling. Most importantly, they are guided by an ethic that respects a woman’s ultimate right to make her own sexual and reproductive health choices. A Justisse HRHP will help you learn the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness so that you can confidently follow through on your reproductive choices and tend to your menstrual cycle health.

Discuss your needs with us. Learn more about how an Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner can help you.

Set up an appointment. Call 780.420.0877 or Toll Free 1.866.Justisse (587.8477) or e-mail us at info@justisse.ca

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