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Justisse Method

The Justisse Method (1987) is a standardized system for learning fertility awareness in a way that allows for self-management of reproductive health and birth control needs. The Justisse Method is best learned from our comprehensively trained Justisse Practitioners, who are committed to holistic sexual and reproductive care and reproductive justice, that is they serve the client without prejudice for their sexual, social, or spiritual beliefs or choices. You may Learn to Chart on your own as well, though we recommend at least a few consultations with a practitioner to best learn the method for your purposes.

Justisse supports a naturopathic, complementary medicine, and psycho-physiological approach to managing and enhancing reproductive health.  

Justisse Method: Natural Birth Control

The Justisse method is a proven way to prevent pregnancy naturally without artificial hormones or surgery. Using natural birth control protects reproductive health. Learn to Chart your menstrual cycles and days of fertility using the Justisse Method.

Justisse Method: Becoming Pregnant and Fertility Concerns 

If you want to have a baby but don't want to use fertility drugs or invasive procedures, and need non-judgemental and holistic support for your choices consider consulting a Justisse Practitioner who are trained to help you learn how to confidently monitor and assess your fertility, and to help you make holistic treatment choices to improve fertility.

Currently, one in six couples experience some difficulty in conceiving.  Generally, fertility clinics have only a 3% to 9% effectiveness rate in helping these couples conceive. The procedures they use can carry serious health risks and be costly, invasive and time consuming. A Justisse Practitioner can help you find alternatives.

If you are Coming Off the Pill  you may experience several months or years of compromised fertility. With the help of a Justisse Practitioner you will learn how to track the return of your fertility and be offered holistic treatment options to recover your reproductive health.  

Typically women who consult with Justisse Practitioners and follow recommendations experience a marked improvement in their reproductive and overall health.

Justisse Method: Perimenopause, Breastfeeding, First Menstruation, Coming Off Hormonal Contraceptives

There are times where menstrual cycles will not be regular in length and the signs of fertility and infertility may vary from normal. The Justisse Method used under the guidance of a Justisse Practitioner is very useful for transitioning through these events confidently and learnedly. Justisse Practitioners are trained to specifically address all the variations in the menstrual cycle throughout the reproductive life-cycle. 

Justisse Practitioners offer holistic care, clear information, and personal consultation:

  • Personal consultation on your symptoms and concerns
  • Up-to-date scientific information on reproductive and overall health
  • Referrals to alternative and complementary medical providers for assessment, diagnosis and prescription of natural therapies, including bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT)
  • Suggestions for preventive care, symptom relief and optimum health
  • Therapeutic counselling on making transitions between reproductive health stages throughout her reproductive life-cycle.

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As well as being certified through Justisse College, all Justisse HRHP Graduates are granted Advanced Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE) International Certification through the Association for Fertility Awareness Professionals (AFAP).


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