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Justisse Method

The Justisse Method (developed in 1987 by Geraldine Matus) is a standardized system for learning fertility awareness, and it:

  • Allows for self-management of reproductive health and birth control, and supports conception timing and pregnancy preparation.
  • Is best learned from Justisse Practitioners, who are committed to holistic reproductive care and Reproductive Justice.
  • Can be learned by folks who want to Learn to Chart on their own; though it's recommended that every charter has a few consultations with a practitioner.
  • Supports a naturopathic, complementary medicine, and psycho-physiological approach to managing and enhancing sexual and reproductive health.  

Natural Birth Control

The Justisse Method is a proven way to prevent pregnancy naturally and protect reproductive health without artificial hormones or surgery.

Fertility Concerns and Becoming Pregnant

Justisse Practitioner is trained to help charters learn how to confidently observe, monitor and assess their fertility, and to help users make holistic treatment choices to improve fertility. 

Support for Cycle Changes

There are times where menstrual cycles will not be regular in length and the signs of fertility and infertility may vary from normal, such as during perimenopause, postpartum, or coming off of hormonal contraception. The Justisse Method is useful for transitioning through these events confidently. Justisse Practitioners are trained to specifically address all the variations in the menstrual cycle throughout the reproductive life-cycle. 

Justisse Practitioners offer:

  • Trained teaching of the Justisse Method
  • Personal consultation on your symptoms and concerns
  • Up-to-date scientific information on reproductive and overall health
  • Suggestions for preventive care, symptom relief and optimum health
  • Counseling through reproductive health transitions

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As well as being certified through Justisse College, all Justisse HRHP Graduates are granted Advanced Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE) International Certification through the Association for Fertility Awareness Professionals (AFAP).