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HRHP Application Process

Information Sessions

First review all information on this website, then attend an information session. Go to -- "Register For a HRHP Training Info Session" (no obligation) and sign up. This action connects with the Registrar's office, who will provide you with connection details for this online meeting.

Upcoming Info Sessions

Due Dates for Application

Start dates are May 1st (application due March 15th) and October 1st (application due August 15th) each year.

Prerequisites for Applicants

  1. A minimum of a two-year undergraduate degree, diploma, or certification in any field of academia. (Other educational experiences that demonstrate the ability to undertake academic study will be considered.)
  2. Credit for an introductory level college/university anatomy and physiology course taken within the last 5 years (or less recently if one is currently a healthcare provider).
  3. At least one of the following:
    1. Credit for an introductory level college/university women’s or gender studies course.
    2. Work or research in the field of reproductive justice.
  4.  Having charted cycles for a minimum of 6 months using a recognized FABM (as codified and promulgated by an organization or institution, eg Justisse, TCOYF, BOMA, SERENA).
    1. Completion of instruction around one’s charting practice (including requisite follow up sessions) with a certified Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE).
  5. Knowledge of basic counseling skills, including but not limited to non-violent communication, motivational interviewing, active listening, and empathy.

Any applicant who has not fulfilled one or more of the following prerequisites but nonetheless feels qualified to undertake the Justisse HRHP Training is encouraged to discuss their situation with us individually.

Justisse HRHP Application Form

This form is currently being revised. Please contact if you need further help.