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HRHP Application Process

Information Sessions

  1. Review all information on this website.
  2. Attend an information session. Go to "Register For a HRHP Training Info Session" (no obligation) and sign up. This action connects with the Registrar's office, who will provide you with details for the online public information session.

Upcoming HRHP Training Public Information Sessions

Due Dates for Application

Annual cohort annual start dates:

  • May 1st (application due March 15th)
  • October 1st (application due August 15th)

Once the application and application fee have been received, applicants have six months to complete all necessary steps for registration (meet pre-requisites, submit required documents, and attend the Orientation Interview.) After six months the application automatically expires.

Prerequisites for Applicants

Documentation is required for proof of completion of prerequisites. If your prerequisite was completed in an informal way, you will still need to have some proof of completion, via a letter from supervisors or mentors.

  1. A minimum of a two-year undergraduate degree, diploma, or certification in any field of academia. (Other educational experiences that demonstrate the ability to undertake academic study will be considered.)
  2. Credit for an introductory level college/university anatomy and physiology course taken within the last 5 years (or less recently if one is currently a healthcare provider). Here is a source from Khan Academy for a free course in Human Anatomy and Physiology.
  3. At least one of the following:
    1. Credit for an introductory level college/university women’s or gender studies course. For example: MIT Open Courseware Women's and Gender Studies
    2. Work or research in the field of reproductive justice.
  4.  Having charted cycles for a minimum of 6 months using a recognized FABM (as codified and promulgated by an organization or institution, eg Justisse, TCOYF, BOMA, SERENA).
    1. Completion of instruction around one’s charting practice (including requisite follow up sessions) with a certified Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE).
  5. Knowledge of basic counselling skills, including but not limited to non-violent communication, motivational interviewing, active listening, and empathy.

NOTE: Any applicant who has not fulfilled one or more of the following prerequisites but nonetheless feels qualified to undertake the Justisse HRHP Training is encouraged to discuss their situation with us individually. If you want to be considered thus you will need to prepare a letter of request that supports your claim that you are qualified to proceed without the prerequisite.

Flexibility in Application Requirements

We acknowledge that an applicant may be unable to gather some of  the required documentation or have the necessary prerequisites for various reasons. If that is the case then they are required to attach a letter to their application outlining their position and ask for flexibility and consideration as regards required documentation and/or prerequisites.

Application fee

Payment of the application fee of two-hundred-ninety-five dollars CAD ($295.00) must be paid before the application is reviewed. Payment is made through PayPal to

What is the cost of the HRHP Training?

Tuition is paid in Canadian dollars and the student is responsible for any bank fees for the cost of conversion from other currencies. Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST) applies to Canadian applicants only. The tuition is $7,500.00 Canadian (CAD) per year, for 2 years.

OPTION #1 FULL PAY: $500.00 Tuition Deposit + $7000.00 = $7500.00 paid in full on or before the start date.

OPTION 2: TWO INSTALLMENTS: $500.00 Tuition Deposit + two (2) payments of $3690.00 = $7880.00. The first payment is due on or before the start date, the second payment is due six (6) months after the start date. 

OPTION 3: MONTHLY PAYMENTS: $500.00 Tuition Deposit + $7741.44 paid in twelve (12) monthly payments of $645 = annual tuition of $8240.


A former applicant may re-apply within two years of the first application expiration by submitting a new application form and fee. The re-application will carry forward all documentation previously received and accept any new and relevant documentation.

Instructions and Communication

  1. Fill out the online application and send your personal essay and any relevant documentation requested to the Justisse College Registrar at
  2. Please inform Justisse College in writing of any changes to personal information within 30 days.
  3. Formal notices and communications from Justisse College are typically sent by e-mail. However, there may be times when contact is made by phone, mail or by an online meeting or conference service.
  4. Required documentation from third parties (e.g. transcripts from universities, letters of evidence, letters of reference from supervisors or mentors, and other such parties) must be sent to Justisse College Registrar directly as a secure digital document to
  5. Transcripts or letter of evidence that are not in English must be translated and notarized as true copies of the original transcripts, and submitted along with the original transcripts.
  6. Before an application is reviewed, all required documents must be received by the Justisse College Registrar.  
  7. Applicants are solely responsible for ensuring all documents are received by the College in a timely fashion.
  8. Applicants are encouraged to submit all application documents by secure email.
  9. Photos, photocopies, or faxed application material is not accepted. Applications that are not legible will be rejected.
  10. The Justisse College Registrar will notify applicants if their application documents are insufficient or if further information is required.

Justisse HRHP Application Form

Before completing the online application form please make sure you have all your documentation handy, such as references, educational experiences, and so forth. Please complete the online application form by clicking hereThe Registrar's Office will be in touch to confirm receipt of your application.