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HRHP Application Process

Justisse College leads the way in setting the standards for competent and just and ethical practice in the areas of fertility awareness education and holistic reproductive health care. We promote excellence and innovation. We accept students from around the world.

You Will Become

The Justisse HRHP Training Program prepares you to be an educator and clinician. You will learn to provide private consultations and advise your clients and colleagues on fertility awareness methods and natural approaches to reproductive health and natural birth control. You will learn to be a fertility awareness educator educator and be able to present to a variety of audiences on fertility awareness, body literacy, and related topics. You will become part of the Justisse professionals tribe and will become a representative of the principles of Justisse College, and hopefully participate in the global community of allied fertility educators.

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As well as being certified through Justisse College, all Justisse HRHP Graduates are granted an Advanced Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE) International Certification through the Association for Fertility Awareness Professionals (AFAP)


Two Start Dates per Year

The program has two start dates per year;

  1. May 1st (applications are due March 15)
  2. October 1st (applications are due August 15) 

Application Process for Justisse HRHP Training

Need Help? email College Registrar, Allison Macbeth at

Step One: Register to Attend a HRHP Training Information Session

  • Register to attend an HRHP info session here (no obligation). Once you have signed in to your account you will need to click on the Step 1: "Register for Information Session" button and you will be put on the mailing list to receive notifications of when they happen.
  • In preparation, review information on this site about the HRHP training and record your questions.

Step Two: Attend a HRHP Training Information Session

Information Sessions about the Justisse HRHP Training are held regularly throughout the year. During these you can inquire about the suitability of the HRHP program for you. You can address your concerns about prerequisites and/or tuition fees, or any other things pertinent to you. 

  • Attend the HRHP Training Information Session and ask your questions.
  • If you cannot attend a group session be in touch anyway and we will find a way to accommodate you. 

We hold information sessions by teleconference that you can attend for more information.

Information Session Dates:

Step Three: Fulfill the Prerequisites:

Any potential applicant who has not fulfilled the following prerequisites and yet feels qualified to enrol in the HRHP Training Program are encouraged to attend a HRHP Training Information Session and to discuss their situation with the

  1. A minimum of a two-year undergraduate degree, diploma, or certification in any field of academia. (Other educational experiences that demonstrate the ability to undertake academic study will be considered.)
  2. Credit for an introductory level college/university anatomy and physiology course taken within the last 5 years (or less recently if one is currently a healthcare provider).
  3. At least one of the following:
    • Credit for an introductory level college/university women’s or gender studies course.
    • Work or research in the field of reproductive or social justice.
  4. Have charted their menstrual cycles for a minimum of 6 months using a recognized fertility awareness-based method (e.g. Justisse, TCOYF, BOMA, SERENA). See a list of Justisse practitioners you can learn from here.
  5. Knowledge of basic counseling skills, including but not limited to non-violent communication, motivational interviewing, active listening, and empathy.

Those with Previous Health and Helping Field Experience: Applicants with extensive work or educational experience in the sexual and reproductive health education field, or medical field (e.g. naturopath, nurse, medical doctor, master herbalist, etc.). In these cases the HRHP training is tailored according to their professional needs. They will be required to demonstrate expertise in all areas of the training in an approved alternative way. 

Please note that these prerequisites follow those outlined by AFAP.

Step Four: Submit an Application ($295.00 CND)

The program has two start dates per year; May 1st (applications are due March 15) and October 1st (applications are due August 15) 

 Submit an application to the that includes the following information: 

      (1) List your specific experience and/or training in any of the following areas:

  1. Nutritional and complementary healing and lifestyle counseling
  2. Bio-chemistry, human anatomy and physiology
  3. Counseling or communication
  4. Fertility awareness
  5. Birth control and sexual health
  6. Pregnancy, birth, post-partum care, and breastfeeding
  7. Women or gender studies

      Please include the number of hours of training, who your teacher/supervisors were and their contact information or contact information for the organization that you took the training from, or where you worked or volunteered your time.

     (2) List significant texts you have studied in any of the following areas:

  1. Nutritional and complementary healing and lifestyle counseling
  2. Bio-chemistry, human anatomy and physiology
  3. Counseling or communication
  4. Fertility awareness
  5. Birth control and sexual health
  6. Pregnancy, birth, post-partum care, and breastfeeding
  7. Women or gender studies

      Please include approximate year that you read the books.

    (3) Copies of transcripts of any formal education (degrees, certificates, diplomas) -- name the program and institution and include your grades.

    (4) List any work or volunteer experience pertinent to the healing and helping field. 

  1. Please include the number of hours of training and volunteer work, include the names of your mentors/supervisors were and their contact information or contact information for the organization that you where you volunteered your time.

    (5) Write a 500 word essay that describes why you wish to become an HRHP and what you hope to contribute to the fertility awareness education field.

  1. In your essay include a statement of how you plan to commit yourself to the necessary 15 to 25 hours per week to complete the HRHP course in the designated 2 years covered by the tuition fee. Include reference to your commitment to any of the following that you might be engaging in concurrently with the HRHP training -- educational/training programs, work and family commitments, or recreational commitments.

     (6) Pay the application fee of $295.00 CND through your Justisse College website account by clicking on "Fees." Please email if you have any trouble with this step. 

      (7) Include your contact information: mobile number, mailing address, email.

Step Five: Acceptance of Submitted Application and Orientation Interview 

 The Justisse Faculty will review all Submitted Applications. Once a Submitted Application is accepted there there follows an invitation for an Orientation Interview with one or two members of the Justisse Faculty. During the interview the following will be assessed before acceptance into the Justisse HRHP Training Program is complete.

  1. an orientation to the Justisse HRHP Training Program
  2. assessment of student ability to commit the necessary time to HRHP studies
  3. assessment of ability to pay tuition and arrange for tuition payment options 1, 2, or 3
  4. the assignment of the student to their trainers from Justisse Faculty
  5. the completion of the HRHP Training Agreement Contract
  6. payment of $500 tuition deposit 

HRHP Training Information Session Fee


Application & Orientation Fee

$295 CDN non-refundable processing fee

Tuition & Tax

Start October 1st, 2017 for the chance to pay tuition of $7,500 CDN for 2 years training.

May 1st , 2018 tuition price is $7,500/year ($15,000 for the 2 year training)

plus 5% GST (General Services Tax Canadian residents only)

There are 3 tuition options: (1) full payment no interest, (2) two payments at the start of each year of training with 3% interest on the second payment, and (3) monthly payments with 9% interest on the full cost of tuition.

Applicants living in countries where the exchange rate between their currency and the Canadian dollar is prohibitive, please contact us to discuss possibilities for a lower tuition.


The cost of texts are not covered by tuition. Obtaining required texts is the HRHP Trainee's responsibly. Many texts can be purchased second hand. Some texts may be available through Justisse. All Justisse teaching materials are available wholesale.


Interest is applicable to any tuition paid in installments.


The HRHP training program is equivalent to approximately fifteen (15) 3-credit Canadian University courses -- success requires commitment and focus. For USA students they can consider it a masters level training. Typically 20 to 25 hours per week is required for successful completion of the program. It is recommended that you only commit to one training program at a time in order to give it your full attention -- if you are already studying another program you may wish to wait until you have finished it before starting this one. 

Time to Complete

24 months year round (monthly extensions available at extra cost).

Those whose first language is not English receive an 3 month extension.