Natural Birth Control


Natural Birth Control

No More Hormonal or Surgical "Fixes": You can prevent pregnancy while protecting your health

There is a proven, comprehensive way to prevent pregnancy and, at the same time, protect your health and your potential for future fertility.  The Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness provides the knowledge and support you need to manage your own birth control naturally, without invasive drugs, surgery or devices...or interference in your right to choose.

There is an increasing demand from women to manage their fertility without using hormonal prescription drugs or barrier birth control devices. Justisse Healthworks shares with women the latest information on managing fertility and reproductive health without these interventions.

We need look no further than the small print (contraindications) on contraceptive drug packaging to know the many harmful side effects associated with their use. Scientific studies reveal a large body of compelling evidence that the damage to women's health caused by contraceptive drugs, devices and surgery may be even more far-reaching than anyone has predicted.

The Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness is 99.6% Effective*

Women's exposure to these risks is truly a tragedy considering that we have the capacity to practice birth control -- with 99.6% effectiveness -- by monitoring our fertile and non-fertile times and making our choices accordingly.

*The Justisse Method is in no way related to the obsolete and ineffective calendar rhythm method of birth control.

To learn more about the effectiveness of fertility awareness based methods click on this: Effectiveness.pdf

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